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My filter subscriptions for Adblock+ are targeted at specific sites, therefore not as comprehensive as EasyList and other heavy filtersets. Do notice that these filters are, and are not official nor supported by the Adblock+ team, they are mine, and I maintain them, when there is a need for it.

The most popular filters are my Facebook, and MafiaWars filters, read more about them in the descriptions below

All my filters works in conjunction with the official filters such as the Easylist.

As with all other free software, use at own risk! :-)

You can see a list of the Firefox addons that I have added to my Firefox over at jesper.tidesofwar.net.

About Adblock+:

Adblock Plus (ABP) is a content-filtering extension for Mozillas Firefox- and Mozilla Application Suite-based web browsers. ABP, allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being downloaded and displayed… Read more.

As of March 6th 2011, or a few days earlier, there is a stable release of ABP available for Google Chrome. so Chrome users can now take advantage of my filtersets, simply by describing to them. For now you will also have to add the filters manually from ABP's options tab, as the abp:// url schema is not yet implemented.

Some of the filters may not work as efficently in Chrome as in Firefox, due to how Chrome is written, for instance: ABP has a hard time hiding inline-style'd elements in Chrome. Read more about bugs and limitations at the Adblockplus fora

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My filters, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Jespers Common Filters ViewSubscribe
    • Last Modified: 10 Jan 2016
    • Checksum: 2RUpOUbJT3jDD4mXJ9liYQ
    • AYI, Facebook, 4×MafiaWars and Youtube

  • Jespers Facebook Filterset v2.1-05/17-2012 ViewSubscribe
    • Last Modified: 10 Jan 2016
    • Checksum: /nDyzakN4zGzGTwawlMY9Q
    • Notice! Re-written on October 4th 2014.

  • Jespers Google Filters ViewSubscribe
    • Last Modified: 10 Jan 2016
    • Checksum: EURJALW3JMW8/MT2UqdSxA
  • Jespers iMDb Filterset ViewSubscribe
    • Last Modified: 10 Jan 2016
    • Checksum: 8G3BNN3ERPK/vDncN1ASow
  • Jespers Youtube Filterset ViewSubscribe
    • Last Modified: 10 Jan 2016
    • Checksum: RwpDCjn3yOlOt/Sm5gNGCA
    • Notice! Requires My common filterset.

Disclaimer: None of my ABP filtersets can harm your Computer and/or any of your data; They only manipulate what you see on your screen.